Easy to InstallThe Ecor unit is placed as low down on the roof as possible, to ensure the maximum capture of rain water that falls on the roof space. Also, to ensure an adequate fall from the roof to the newly supplied Rainwater  tank in the attic. From the drain on the Ecor unit,  a drain pipe is connected, which passes through a filter and then into the newly supplied Rainwater tank in the attic.


From the Rainwater tank, wc pans – toilets , washing machines and a garden tap can be supplied, these account for up to 60% of daily use of water in Domestic homes. When the tank is full, there is an overflow pipe which allow the excess water to safely flow to the outside, which can be connected to a water butt in the garden.




There is a Float valve installed to the Rain Harvest tank in the attic which acts as a backup supply of mains water during low levels of rainfall. This  ensures a constant supply of water in the new Rain water tank.
For Health and Safety reasons there is an Air gap on the mains supply connected to the Float valve into the tank, this prevents any cross contamination between filtered rainwater and the back up mains water supply.

The ECOR is a gravity feed system and requires NO electricity to operate

Installations start from 999 euros